The Anti-Gluten Craze Is a Huge Wellness Lie

On 14, March,2019,Vice has posted a news in relation to the topic of Gluten Free, which is a diet method that is in vogue in western countries.

The article start with an exaggerating headline, The Anti-Gluten Craze Is a Huge Wellness Lie, which implies that there are untold disadvantages of gluten free that other news outlets has missed.

The article demonstrated why is gluten free not as good as the industry claimed for normal customers, however, the evidence it used did not give any strict opinions on whether gluten free is a “huge wellness lie” or not, which might reduce the credibility of the article.

The structure of the article has another issue.

the author start with solid data on the industry of gluten free, however, the author did not mention that gluten free could probably benefit a lot people, especially for those who have special needs for a GI disorder, until the last paragraph of the article, which may cause some misunderstandings.

In addition, in the whole article, there is only one pictures at the front, which is irrelevant to the topic of gluten free. This is not effective, considering readers might want to know what is gluten free food visually.

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