A News Survey of Anti-China Phenomenon in Australia

Why is Beijing angry?

China and Australia are in the spotlight. Both the countries are going through the blames games via words. The rise regarding this occurrence is growing right after the prime minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull laid blame on Beijing of interfering in the political affairs. Malcolm Turnbull pledged to stand for the public of Australia facing the intimidation from foreign countries. His words loudly narrated that in Australian politics, there has been an overseas intrusion. Contrary to that the government of China has totally dismissed the accusation. The whole situation made Beijing angry. As a result, the media of China thrashed against the media of Australia and Turnbull. According to People’s Daily such panic-stricken mistrust is nothing but ethnic shades of tones. It was further added that it is a smudge on the reputation and international status of Australia as an inter-cultural civilization. While reporting regarding China, the mind’s eye of few media channels of Australia is astonishing as there had been unnecessary blame on the part of the government of China of Chinese students and nationalized living within the jurisdiction of Australia.

screenshot from people‘s daily

BBC Monitoring has also lightened this issue via Global Times (A state-owned newspaper) and stated that the deep-seated anti-China speechifying by Prime minister of Australia Turnbull is shocking and hard to believe.

Despite the fact that it is known by everyone that relationship among China and Australia is facing many obstacles and issues from little recent time, the execrated behavior being used by the Prime Minister of Australia while yelling against Chine is scandalous. After the proposal by the Government of Australia regarding the laws of overseas interfering which will forbid and outlaw the aid along with force ex-MPs and rest to record whether they have any planning regarding lobbying for the interest of foreigners, the situation and words-war pressure among China and Australia came towards a point. But the amended laws will also cause criminal offense to the effecting political affairs or the state in a misleading or concealed behavior.

Dismissal of Dastyari

The focal point of the putting emphasis by Turnbull whirls around the threats of overseas power and pressure because the Liberal-led government is paying attention towards the association of the Sam Dastyari (a Labor Senator) to China. The reason was the campaigns and movements regarding the recovering the Position of Bennelong along with the restoration of its majority with one-seat in assembly.

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Dastyari was dismissed due to the condemnation recording emerged in regard to its opposing party rule on China during a discussion on media. According to the news agency of Australia Fairfax Media, it was discovered that Dastyari paid a visit to a businessman and contributor of politics of China Huang Xiangmo in his house within the jurisdiction of Sydney. The visit was to warn and notify the Huang Xiangmo about the cell-phone which was caught by the government of Australia and many other governments including the United States of America. Fairfax also suspected that Dastyari provided Huang combat monitoring suggestion. It was further added that combat monitoring was to tell him to disappear their cell-phones indoors while speaking outdoor.

Cyber propaganda

According to the ABC news, A report was created by the investigators of Cyber propaganda i.e. Tom Sear, Dr. Titus Chen, and Dr. Micheal. The investigated report showed that there was a distinct unfairness in opposition to the Liberal State via communalist party of Xi Jinping. 5 months were spent by these investigators which lasts from 2018 (November) to 2019(March). The focal point of this investigation was to analyze the content of Australia via Wechat. There were 47 highly visiting certified accounts within the jurisdiction of China. Out of these 47, there were 29 which were associated with CCP. The proof and facts showed by Dr. Jensen to the community newscaster that these accounts were associated with the state in Beijing have an obvious in opposition towards the story of Liberal government showing out of this. The common issue in these articles regarding Australia was mainly the condemnation of the Liberal government and especially Scott Morrison. There were few posts which scolded Mr. Morrison for aiming to be a part of WeChat for the period of complaining of the election.

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Dr. Chen pointed out that China had been serious due to the involvement of Australia in Five Eyes which is a coalition among, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, United States of America to share the intelligence. Because of these evolving situations, it is an easy guess for anyone that what must be the commotion towards the two countries, Australia and China. It remains an uncommon curiosity in recent past that could cast a pall on certain correlations between the two individuals.

Beijing and Canberra Free Trade Agreement

Credit goes to the efforts put up by these two sides, the relationship between Beijing and Canberra made a slick progress towards stability and advancement, after the agreement declared signed between Beijing and Canberra Free Trade Agreement a couple of years back, the injection of new spirit into the trade zone, opens the new skyline and sections for collaboration.

When we talk about respecting the cultures and multiplicity, Australia usually comes up in mind first. The reason behind this is that with no offerings of migrants and foreigners counting those who are from China, it wouldn’t be possible to be an affluent and wealthy country. Undomesticated forecasting and groundless blame games will only put Australia off to have benefited from the association of Beijing and Canberra. There is no doubt that Australia can easily stop the investors of the Chine to invest within the jurisdiction of Australia liberally and in a free manner, as already been encouraged by FTA.

There is a great difference of miles among China and Australia geographically which can support that China has no cause or motive to look for the unwarranted political benefit and gain in opposition to Australia. Other than that because the major partner in trading with Australia, China has been an increasing implication for the economy of Australia. The Free Trade Area continues to aid Beijing and Canberra, the popularity of Australia is increasing in the eyes of Chinese people and they have started to like it even more. But this environment may not long last due to the behavior of China, as they have continued to thump the trend countries in Australia.

Further Analysis

Must be acknowledged that in Australia, it is not an easy task for any country to thump its political influence except the United States, who continues to relish its political sway in Australia. It is common hearsay in Australian people that their government has military ties with the United States and it’s their major economic companion, which directly and indirectly supports the thought that the United States possesses more investment capitals in Australia than China or any other country. But still, China continues to dominate its presence in Australia’s economic sector. The media and politicians in Australia do not need to dig deepest to find the relationship balance between these two countries. Rather it will be in their favor if they begin to establish a neutral and justified approach towards China and the sagacity to evade the unnecessary showdown, which is a fundamental right of any reputable and sovereign country.

Interview of Christen Cornell

The interview was taken from the Christen Cornell (A part-time lecturer in Sydney University). The focal point of the questions during the interview was the Chinese immigrants who are living in Australia. The issue which was to be understood was the understanding of “anti-China” concept. The questions which were asked by Christine Cornel were about the Chinese Immigrants and their reorganizations.  The interview has highlighted the cultural bias as well which was a lead towards the chosen news survey i.e. current anti-china situation in Australia. The interview concluded many facts regarding anti-chine reorganization and racism in Australia. It elaborated that Chinese Immigrants has an interesting history in Australia. It started with the beginning of the colonies. The interest of Christine Cornel was in white Australia policy and those Chinese who come after the white Australian policy from Malaysia. And later in the 1970s, there were Malaysian Chinese and now its many people from England China. Regarding employment among Australia and China, the interview showed that Chinese and Australians have shared employment with each other. According to her, it has been said that Chinese labor was cheap in a trade union which means they were stealing jobs from local white people. This was the main reason behind the white Australia policy. That’s why when Australia begins the trade union got written in the constitution. Chinese people and people from Asia who had been working at a cheap rate, it was written in the policy that they wouldn’t allow to come because of the number of Chinese people who were working at cheap rates and were coming to Australia for work. Regarding anti china reorganization, there was a contradiction because they needed them. And this was the reason that why Australian people became so wealthy at the end of the 19th century because they had cheap labor. But it was a contradiction that Chinese people were stealing the jobs of white people which leads to the white Australia policy. It has now changed as it’s not only limited to labor now. It is about how money moves around. It will be very hard for Chinese students to study in English. Apart from that, the racism against Chinese is actually the anxiety of Australian people, along with the long historical fear. This fear is that Australia will be swallowed by Malaysia Chinese. The overall answer was yes that Australia has racism.

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