The charm of monochrome photos

A monochrome photo of the Quadrangle building (Photo: Hang Hu)

After taking hundreds of photos in this beautiful campus, I believe monochrome is the best option for photographers or visitors wanting to highlight the long history of our university.

In this colourful world, the monochrome picture brings you a strong sense of the past.

Some photos even give people a false impression that they were taken in the 19th century or the first half of the 20th century.  For example, when I first took a monochrome photo of the Quadrangle building last year, it gave me a strong feeling that the building is very old – maybe the oldest building in the campus.

Thanks to digital technology, it is easy to take monochrome photos with your camera and even mobile phone. There are some useful tips available if you want to learn how to take beautiful monochrome photos.

The Lion (Photo: Hang Hu)


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