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University students are under more pressure than ever: balancing assignments, work commitments and snapchatting all of it along the way.

This was illustrated to me as I caught an Uber into uni today. My Uber driver is a Sydney uni student from Pakistan, who drives Ubers to support himself.

I would like to have gainful employment in something that isn’t the financial industry: Rebecca

There’s a certain cynicism in the modern day student at this campus. Meet Rebecca:

Enigmatic, witty and intelligent. She’s a student enrolled in a Masters program. She’s also well aware of the ROI of postgraduate study. The millennial student pursues further education as a means to an end. A masters education can lead to a dream career.

For students enrolled in ‘Online Journalism’, the dream of working in digital media and publishing is very different to the journalist’s dream of old. With increasing coverage of heads being slashed at newsrooms around the country, we’re forced to seek new forms of employment. “Content producers”, “digital editors” and “creatives” – these are the titles we’re seeing on jobs boards today.

The other conundrum for today’s student: workload. With endless resources online, there’s no excuse for not engaging in self-directed learning. And what does that lead to: information overload. As a Sydney uni student navigating the world of WordPress, I’ve certainly encountered this. So many plug ins, so many how-to guides, so many instructions for coding.

Rabeah is studying her Masters of Publishing. She explains the stresses facing modern day students:

Rabeah – Video Recording

So where does this leave us: Humans of Sydney Uni? We are snowflakes. Unique individuals with inspiring visions for our future. Here’s hoping the uni degree pays off.

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