Challenge or Chance: the rise of overseas education

Overseas student numbers up 15 per cent in Australia (Image: The Times Higher Education)

On a day in late May, Ziming opened her laptop as usual over breakfast in the kitchen of her apartment. Signing into her University account to check whether she receives the offer of desired major. “I have been waiting for the offer for one month and I am so worried about the result, because I may lose the opportunity to stay here if I cannot continue to study in the major related in the occupation in visa list,” she says.

Ziming is concerned about her future after the 457 visa changes. There are 651 occupations covered in the Australia’s 457 visa but 216 occupations are now no longer eligible for migration visa.

Waiting for offers regarding their future in Sydney is the first thing in the morning, which is the reality of international student life who is studying in the last semester of this year when facing in a dilemma if stay or not.

She could not remember how many time she has been clicking to the page hopefully but logging out the page disappointingly. “It reminds me of the experience of waiting the offer two years ago” Ziming said. She still remembers that she had to keeping in touch with her education consultant during the application. “My application was not accepted by the University of New South Wales until I found an agency to help me. I have no idea about the reason that why I kept failing to do it by myself for several times.”

While the SSVF (Simplified Student Visa Framework) was designed for the international student by the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection, international student is more likely to hold the view that the best way to increase the rate of receiving offer is using agency rather than applying by themselves. Due to commission policy, the authorised agencies are to able to receive remarkable rewards after the students get access to enrolment.

Mar 2017 Monthly Infographic (Source: Education Department)

On March, there are 15 per cent international students more than last year in Australia and 30 per cent of the students were from China, and 11 per cent were from India, while Malaysia, Vietnam and Nepal each accounted for 4 per cent, according to International Student Data monthly summary by Australia Government Department Education and Training.

Why does international student study in Australia?

Indian student Takreem also chose Australia as the first countries to study abroad and settle down in the future. “I think Australia is a good place to study and live because of the high living standard, qualified education, much more work opportunities and positive immigration policy compared with other countries,” Takreem said. Being a Marketing Coordinator in an education agency, he is also confident with future life in Australia.

Takreem is studying Master of Marketing in the University of Technology Sydney (Supplied: Karina Clouz).

How is the International student’s life in Australia like?

“I have never lived alone before coming to Australia in my entire life I was living in a family back home, so going to a new place, living on my own, cooking my own food and washing my own clothes. They are all the regular stuff in their lives. But back in our countries most people actually have their families with them. So we don’t have that kind of handing where we have to do our own stuff but it’s a good thing. I think that’s a challenge and I overcome that over time.”

While the increasing international education earning brings the benefits of sectors such as retail and tourism, generating more full time job across the country, supporting for the government by the Australia government is far from perfect. For most international students, study and living in Sydney is beautiful but expensive. As a result, they have to doing part time job at the risk of cancellation visa to lessen life stressor.

What is the challenge for agency?

Education is the third largest export for Australia, generating over 130 thousand job support through international education nationally. As a result, Sydney got a booming industry of college-placement companies.

“There is an increasingly competition between agencies in Sydney, Zhang Kai said, due to the commission policy, the biggest problem for new agency like us is that students in my agency may be rejected by the university who comes to an agreement with the experienced agencies with large scale.”

Zhang Kai is an experienced consultant from international agency in Sydney (Supplied)

“Most of students in my agency are all tend to stay in Australia but each student is in personal situation which is ignored by some big agencies because of the large number of students. At the same time, we have to compete with some counterparts with unauthorised qualification.”

How to immigrate in Australia? In the way of studying what kind of major? What preparation should students make for according to change of immigration policy? There is much more space for agency to make progress in the future with changes in education investment and immigration policy announced by the Scott Morrison in Federal Budget 2017 on 9 May.

Challenge or Chance

Click Image: (Source: Education Department)

“The sooner rather than later’, when Zhang Kai speaking to advise for international student in Sydney. While the increasing number of international students booms the overseas education industry, the competition between international students who tend to study and settle down in Australia would be more intense since trending to tighter immigration policy by the government. He also highlighted that the sign will not slow down in regardless of how much changes on immigration policy or the increasingly tuition fees because of  the richer middle class in Asia, generating the education investment for children at a younger age. Meanwhile, Australia is still a aggressive country when it comes to immigrate to western area ,compared with other country with a number of  immigration just like what Takreem said.

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