Where is the future for Chinese students?

Immigrate or Not

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The warm sunshine chases away the slight chill of a winter morning. The yellowing leaves land on the road of campus with the gentle breeze and then crunched by students who passed by. Time is still early, there are already several students begin to study at the University of Sydney. With final weeks of this semester, June is coming. For some students, it also means there is no longer time for them to stay in the university because they will graduate in nearly a month later.

What should they do after graduate? Work or continue study? How to plan the future life? It is difficult for students who will graduate soon to make a decision. For international students, there is another dilemma. Stay in Australia or back home? They tend to be confused because some of them do not know which choice may give them a better life.

The tertiary education in Australia is globally recognized. Thousands of students from different countries and areas prefer to study in Australia recently. The data released by the Department of Education and Training of Australian Government shows that until this March, there are more than 480 thousand of overseas students in Australia and 30 per cent of them are from China.

Getting the Permanent Residency or joining the Australian citizenship is a good choice for international students. Because Australia is an immigration country, there are several benefits attract a large of population to move here every year, such as the loose immigration policy, the good living environment, and the abundant career opportunities. Chinese is one of the significant parts of immigrations in Australia. Therefore, Several Chinese graduates are willing to stay and find a job in this country.

(Photo: Nina Liu)

“Australia is livable, I love living in here.”

One of the most important reasons for Chinese students to live in Australia is the livable life. The 2016 World Happiness Report evaluated Australia as one of the global livable countries and ranked at the ninth place.

International students can enjoy the relaxing lifestyle and harmony natural environment. “I love live in Australia! There are always some lovely birds singing in front of my window to wake me up every morning. ”Carol Chen, a Chinese student from the Business school of USYD explained. She feels relaxed and comfortable to live in Australia, so she prefers to stay in here after graduate.

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Besides, the friendly personal relationship is another factor.

Some of the Chinese students are easy to influence by others involve their best friends or their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Daisy Wang decides to stay in Australia because her boyfriend still has a semester to study at the University. She really wants to be together with him.

“Less working pressures, maybe.”

Tony is already graduated from the university for more than 10 years. He had tried to find a job in China, his motherland, but finally, he chose to come back Australia and stay here.

“There are too many pressures working in China, especially working in Beijing, Shanghai or some other first-tier cities. The busy life, the high property prices… One of the most bothering things is that the boundary of work and life is not clear.” Tony recalls, “I often got phone calls from my boss after working time. It made me have a few time to enjoy myself. But working in Australia, the situation is different.”

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However, immigrating to Australia is not the only way for Chinese students who need to face the graduation. Comparing with just study abroad, Settling down in a new country far away from home means more challenges. Different thinking methods, different languages and homesick. These troubles may bother Chinese students deeply for their later life after graduation. It becomes more controversial for them when they decide to stay in Australia or go home after graduate. Some of these students choose back to China.

“China is my hometown. It is the best country in my mind”

Local complex is a significant reason to influence Chinese students to choose their future way. Back to China, they can stay with their families and friends, live in a familiar environment and even not need to face culture shocks and other differences.

(Photo: Nina Liu)

A student named Tina Song said that it is a good idea to go back home after graduate.

If back to China, she will have more time to spend with families and friends.

“The most important I think is there are a lot of delicious food in China that you can’t find at here. ”

Rita Wang, a media student also has the same opinion with Tina. “All my friends and families are in China, so I want to together with them. ”

“China is developing well, with many opportunities recently.”

China has the largest population in the world. The huge amount of people not only means the competition for talents or the challenges for work but also means a broad market and a lot of opportunities. As a media student, Jessica has a deep understanding about this. She thinks that comparing with the new media market in Australia, this market in China is much broader. “Especially for me, as a member of Chinese media, there is no doubt that I could gain a bigger readership and my work would go more smoothly than in Australia.”

(Supplied: Jessica Xia)

Everyone has his or her different opinions about the stay or leave. The reasons why Chinese students make such decisions are also not simple. The living environment, the working environment, and the social environment are considered mostly by them. Therefore, before making any decision of your own feature, thinking carefully and weight the pros and cons of both sides.

If you are an international student in Australia, it is welcome to give your own comments about this question, whether stay or not. You also can share your suggestions for international students and help them to make a better decision.

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