Student profile: Kana Xzhu, Master of Media Practice

A view of the oval at the University of Sydney.
A view of the oval at the University of Sydney.

Kana Xzhu, 25, is taking her postgraduate degree at the University of Sydney. She is on her second semester at the University, and is an international student of the Master of Media Practice program. She arrived in Sydney last year from her home in Guangdong China, a coastal province off southeast China.

She shares that one of the things she enjoys most about being in university is meeting new people, and admiring the neo-gothic sandstone architecture of the different buildings around the campus.

However, she says that one of the hurdles she faced during her experience here was taking a postgraduate course that is very different from what she took for her undergraduate course, which was a major in education.

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A journalist from the Philippines trying to keep up with the times. Currently taking her Master in Digital Communication and Culture at the University of Sydney. Contact her at @karaortiga.

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