Vice covers topic covid-19: The first drive thru testing in Australia

Assignment 1 Blog Post Feedback, By Krystal de Plater.

The chosen Article for Assignment 1 is by Vice, following the topic of Covid-19, specifically Australia’s first drive thru testing station in Adelaide, South Australia.

– The simple design allows for an easy read.
– The headline is centred, bold and larger.
– The chunk of the copy is clear, concise and separated appropriately.
– Above the headline is a small hypertext titled coronavirus, linking users easily to other related articles by Vice, a convenient way for users to continue reading about the topic without leaving the webpage.
– The unrelated advertisements are distracting and in the middle of the article, rather than on the side of the page.
– The interface is the same on desktop and smartphones.

Search Engine Optimization
– the headings, subheadings, hypertexts, copy and other content has an average number of keywords relative to the topic, giving it an average chance to end up in online search results.
– Social media network share buttons improve it likeliness to be shared.

– The article relays the significance by explaining what will happen by answering the 5ws and a h in 6 paragraphs and used one image.
– Additional resources, facts, and quotes by experts and international case studies would improve its search results and its overall quality.
– Published at 4pm, playing with the notion higher online traffic times.
– Author is mentioned with quick links to socials and other work.

By Krystal de Plater.

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  1. You embed your links, which is great, but they should open in new tabs and not in the same page.
    The way you have structured your analysis is really good – the headings and bullet points make it really easy for me to scan and understand your analysis. In future posts, use heading tags for your subheadings so they’re more visible and more SEO- friendly (found at the top left of the visual post editor, a drop-down menu from ‘Paragraph’).
    Your photo is a little too small for the post. Try to size images so they fit the layout, and use them to break up text and provide visual relief.
    You should assign relevant keyword tags to your blog posts, and also assign the post to a category (in this case, ‘Assignment 1’).
    Be specific when you discuss SEO – what do you mean by the content having an average number of keywords, and an average chance of appearing in online search? Give examples of keywords in the VICE article that you think are effective, and examples of keywords that might improve SEO.
    Good comparison of the story on both mobile and desktop – no analysis is complete without a consideration of the way content appears on different devices, and in particular on a mobile.
    You use some of the naming conventions for the features and functions of online journalism. In part 2 of the assignment make sure you refer to Bradshaw and other readings to support your analysis.

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