Tasmania ‘vital location’ in ‘rewilding’ efforts to rebuild native animal populations



This article reports on rewilding efforts to rebuild native species populations in Australia, one of the countries with the highest overall rate of species decline and Tasmania has a very important role to play in this work. It is published by Australia Broadcasting Corporation, which is local media of online journalism.



This news article has many positive aspects. There are many pictures embedded on the page with text descriptions, many interviews as factual evidence, and even links to social media at the end of the article to encourage reader interaction. It also has a clear and eye-catching headline.


However, there is still space for improvement in this story. The introduction is very scientific and engaging, but it misses the most important elements of a news story: the 5Ws and 1H. The author does not specify when Australia will take action to rebuild the environment, and as a reader, I was perplexed by the story’s timing and timeliness. In addition, the article is also too long, which detracts from a quick read, as readers now prefer to read news that they can read quickly.


To improve the usability of this news story, the article should be made a bit more concise, and the when in the introduction should be filled out with the news’s essentials.


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