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I want to choose a article talk about some tour operators charge Chinese tourists entry fees to visit free attractions, and publish fake scenic spot introduction. This article was published in both classical website (see Dailymail ) and digital-born news website (see Travel Weekly).

In the Travel Weekly, there are many advertising popups and they must optimise a webpage to improve usability of website. Follow that, there are too many latest news under the article to look through whole website-they must improve functionality of their webpage.

What’s more, there is no captions of all images and these two images are  screenshots of tourism route in Chinese. I think there should be caption to describe the content go images and translate the information into English. At the same time, the audiences can make common behind the report. In my opinion, make a hush tag of this topic and let the readers share it to the social media platform and talk to their friends. In this way, we can engage much more people to read this news after they discuss it with friends in social media.

Thank you for giving my some suggestions!


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  1. Hi Lynn – you didn’t link to the Travel Weekly story but to an “about us” page for the magazine. That means I can’t comment on your analysis. However I can comment briefly on the story you did link to from the Daily Mail.

    Daily Mail links don’t open in new tabs, making the story hard to navigate. The Gold Coast link adds no value to the story, because the page it leads to only aggregates unrelated stories about that place. The reporter also links to a paywalled Courier Mail story, which has no value for readers who don’t have that subscription.

    In terms of your web writing, be careful to check your grammar and spelling before you submit your assignments. Also check your links work! Please ensure that your links open in new tabs, that you set a feature image for your post and that you add keyword tags for discovery purposes. Finally don’t forget to use SEO principles in your headlines, subheadings and links. You needed a headline like Travel Weekly could better cover Gold Coast tourist swindle.

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