“Second Boeing 737 Max Crash in Ethiopia” with incomplete information

the photo of Boeing 737 MAX 8
abc, CC by Flickr: Paul Thompson


The news story “Second Boeing 737 Max Crash in Months Kills 157 in Ethiopia”, which released by Yahoo! Finance, provides a new angle of the story, however,  it shows the lack of useful images and related hyperlinks to provide readers with the comprehensive information.

The lack of suitable image

The image of “Biggest Customers”at the start of the story should be replaced with the photo of “Boeing 737 Max 8” in order to have a better illustration in the subject of the news.

the photo of Boeing 737 MAX 8
abc, CC by Flickr: Paul Thompson

Apart from that, the story covers the information such as “The 737 Max 8 hadn’t had any apparent mechanical issues on an earlier flight from Johannesburg”, which should be added a detail picture of “the outline of the flight data from the Ethiopia Airlines wreckage” to making the explanation more convincing.

An outline of flight data from the Ethiopian Airlines wreckage

The lack of related hyperlinks

The story itself does not included any hyperlinks. However, the additional news story should be linked for further explanation, such as “A Lion Air plane of the same model plunged into the Java Sea off the coast of Indonesia on Oct. 29, killing 189 passengers and crew. ”  This would give readers the better understanding of the background as hyperlinked.

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  1. A couple of good suggestions here Jovy. I would have liked you to embed the opening link so that your first sentence read: The Yahoo news story ‘Second Boeing 737 Max Crash in Months Kills 157 in Ethiopia”…. I agree that an infographic would have been very useful in this story. You didn’t say where you found the one that you used to illustrate your post, but it is important to attribute all images with a caption and copyright details. I also like your suggestion that the story could have linked to an earlier account of the Lion Air crash. However would Yahoo link out to the Guardian? The Yahoo reporter is more likely to promote a Yahoo storyabout that crash
    In terms of your web writing, keep your link phrases short – 2-3 words maximum, not whole phrases. Also In your feature image caption, you needed to indicate what the picture was of, and then indicated the type of CC license Paul Thompson had stipulated for his picture. Was it CC BY 2.0 or CC BY SA 2.0 or something else?

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