Content Delivery Analysis of Quillette Hate Speech article

The article” by Brian Amerige provides a personal reflection about Facebook and the experiences with hate speech within the social media. Amerige believes that content cannot be controlled as the submersion of it inhibits the evolution of ideas, which entirely has been the core of every human development.
According to his analysis of current hate speech policies, they are absurd. First, the former Facebook engineers regard hate as a feeling and thus, highly subjective. Therefore, what one considers as offensive is not offensive to another. The author provides a historical analysis of previous content that was once disregarded and currently accepted. With that, he proves the subjectivity of words and their constant evolution into universal knowledge.
Amerige delivery of his content is highly opinionated, first based on his intrinsic experience with the Facebook Company. His subjective analysis allows him to connect with the readers, who feel that he understands the challenges faced by the medium. Aside from connecting with his audience, his use random use of rhetorical questions, application of a few multimedial such as a picture and a graph, improve the believability of his content. Furthermore, the interface design of his website is accessible and readable. Consequently, Amerige’s online presence successfully applies the required rules for online delivery.

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