Assignment 1: Task 1

Buzzfeed News article: US Soccer Doesn’t Want To Give The Women’s Team Equal Pay Because The Men Have “More Responsibility”

The case study article centres on how the US Soccer Association refuses to pay its female soccer players the same salary as the men.

One of the article’s main strengths is its use of an engaging and search engine optimised headline. As well as being clear and unambiguous, the journalist has strategically created a long headline containing a number of relevant keywords in the first part of the sentence (Image 1). These practices accord with the advice given for online news writing (Bradshaw, 2018).

Image 1: Screenshot of headline

The success of this headline is evidenced by the fact that it appears as the first article when searching the ’soccer female team’ topic on Google (Image 2.).

Image 2: Screenshot of Google Search
Image 3: Screenshot of text

The article can be critiqued for its fail to utilise subheadings (Image 3 below), which would have increased the scannability for the reader (Bradshaw, 2018). Furthermore, the article could have employed additional hyperlinks, especially in reference to an apparent letter released by US Soccer President Corederio.








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  1. Great use of textbook to spot potential improvements, and solid use of online writing conventions.
    Don’t use assignment 1 in the headline as you already have the post categorised assignment 1. Your headline needs to be SEO friendly.
    The story link doesn’t open in new tab.
    Photo attribution should indicate who is the copyright holder.
    No keyword tags.
    Bradshaw references need page numbers.
    Could you find Carlos Cordeiro‘s letter? If not is it reasonable to expect a journalist could do it and provide a link.
    Note that every Google search is personalised – so what appears first in a search by you won’t necessarily be the item ranked first in a search by me, using the same terms. So your google search link won’t lead to useable information.

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