Objects that mean a lot to me

The Little Prince
When a fellow linguistics geek took a short trip back to Korea, he bought me this token of appreciation for the interesting discussions I've initiated with him on the intricacies of the Korean language. And he chose "The Little Prince". I guess it's his way of encouraging me to continue thinking out of the box!

Ever received a gift that made you realize how much someone values your friendship? Ever bought an item as a temporary fix, but ended up keeping them for years? Ever received a limited-edition gift from your favorite TV/radio program?

These are a few items I’ve kept in my home away from home, that mean a lot to me.

  • Bose Headphones
    Mom let me buy these 4 years back so that I could focus on my studies while my grandparents' quarrelled in the background. I don't live with my grandparents anymore, but these remain one of my most prized item. Great for listening to my favorite radio program while hanging in the noisy CBD.

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