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The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), established in 1932, is a public broadcaster owned and operated by the Australian Commonwealth Government. The ABC is funded primarily by grants from the Australian Government. In addition, ABC also obtains certain income through commercial advertisements and program sales.

ABC’s target audience is the Australian public, which includes people of all ages. According to the official data of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ABC has an average of 340,000 listeners and 9,700,000 viewers every week. ABC has a very high status in Australia, almost all Australians will get news and information from ABC. The age distribution of viewers and listeners is very wide, but people between the ages of 18 to 55 are ABC’s main audience. In addition, ABC’s audience has a slightly higher percentage of women than men.

ABC News: Sydney’s train network grinds to halt due to communications issue

Accuracy and source credibility of story content:

The ABC’s report mentioning that Sydney’s train network has been paralyzed by communication problems is a real-time news. As an authoritative media organization, ABC guarantees the accuracy and credibility of the report by citing authoritative sources such as the statement of the railway company and the testimony of the train driver.

Story Form and Writing Style:

ABC’s report adopts the traditional form of news report, the content is concise and clear, focusing on objectivity and accuracy. The article starts with the impact of the accident, allowing readers to understand the scope and impact of the failure, and provides more details and data later, so that readers can fully understand the situation of the incident.

Use of tags, links, and graphics:

ABC’s report did not use excessive elements such as labels, links and charts. Instead, they pay more attention to the expression of words and the logic of the story, so that readers can better understand the background and reasons of events.

Effectiveness and relevance of audio-visual enhancements:

ABC added video reports to the article, including on-site pictures and interviews, so that readers can experience the scene of the incident more intuitively. These video reports enhance the readability and relevance of the article, allowing readers to better understand the occurrence and impact of events.

Online delivery:

The ABC’s coverage is available for free on its website and mobile app. They provide an email address to contact the author at the bottom of the article and can engage and share with readers on social media. In addition, the ABC also used social media share buttons and embedded social media posts to make it easy for readers to share the story on social media.

Technical delivery:

ABC’s website navigation is straightforward and easy to use. The font and format of the article are also easy to read, while providing functions such as links and auto-playing multimedia files, so that readers can better understand the content of the article.

Overall, the ABC’s coverage of the Sydney train network crash was objective and accurate, using audio-visual enhancements and social media interactions to improve the relevance and readability of the coverage. At the same time, their technical delivery is very easy to use, making it easy for readers to access and share the report.

New Matilda is an Australian online news and analysis website founded in 2004. The mission of New Matilda is “We believe that robust media is fundamental to a healthy democracy.” It aims to provide in-depth coverage and analysis of Australian political, social and cultural issues, while emphasizing press freedom and independence. It is a non-profit organization without any political or commercial sponsorship. New Matilda is primarily funded by membership donations and advertising revenue. It uses a compensation-based model to maintain its independence and sustainability, without large-scale commercial or political funding.

New Matilda is aimed at readers interested in Australian political, social and cultural issues. Its audience is primarily young people and social activists with a keen interest in press freedom, social justice and political participation. According to Alexa’s website, New Matilda’s main visitors come from Australia, the US, the UK, Canada and New Zealand. According to New Matilda’s own user analysis, readers are mostly women, aged between 18 and 34, with higher education and higher income. They come to New Matilda’s website mainly through social media and search engines.

New Matilda’s unique market strengths are its independence and minority coverage. It works to report stories that have been ignored by Australia’s mainstream media, and to expose wrongdoing by governments, businesses and media organisations. Its reporting is often in-depth, analytical and reflective, with a focus on social justice and equality.

Overall, New Matilda’s readership is made up of young people and social activists who are sensitive to Australian political, social and cultural issues. With a deep interest in independence, press freedom and social justice, New Matilda offers an in-depth, reflective approach to journalism.


New Matilda: Fair Work Suspended Sydney Train Strike Because The System Labor Created Is Awful

Accuracy and source credibility of story content:

Article cites statements and opinions from Fair Work Australia and Rail, Tram and Bus Union, and provides official documents and government data to Support the ideas in the article. This shows that the author used reliable sources of information and strived for accuracy when writing the article.

Story Form and Writing Style:

The article uses concise language, explaining the cause and effect of the event in a clear and concise manner. The author also cites the opinions of multiple experts in order to more fully explain the complexity of events. The article adopts a more neutral writing style to avoid obvious favoritism or criticism of any party.

Use of tags, links, and graphics:

Articles use relevant tags and links to make it easier for readers to understand related terms and events. In addition, the article also contains some charts and tables for readers to better understand the data and statistics.

Effectiveness and relevance of audio-visual enhancements:

The article includes some videos and pictures to help readers better understand the scene of the incident. Also, the article includes some catchy titles and abstracts to grab the reader’s attention.

Online delivery:

Articles use interactive features on the website, such as social media and information sharing technologies, so that readers can more easily connect with the author and interact with other readers. In addition, the article also provides the author’s email contact information, so that readers can contact the author more directly.

Technical Delivery:

Articles are typesetting for clarity and readability, using a structure and layout that is easy to navigate and understand. In addition, the article also contains some embedded links and multimedia files to facilitate readers to learn more related information. However, the site may need further usability improvements to make it easier to use and navigate.

There are similarities and differences between the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and New Matilda in their coverage of the Sydney traffic jam. Both outlets have highlighted traffic jams and standstills in the city of Sydney, but they differ in the angle, depth and style of their coverage of the event.

As a mainstream media, ABC pays more attention to objective accuracy and authoritative sources in its reports. They report on the causes, effects, and potential solutions of events, using elements such as labels, links, and charts that allow readers to drill down to relevant data and context. In addition, ABC also provided audio-visual enhancement coverage in the form of audio and video, allowing readers to hear the sound of the scene of the incident and see the relevant pictures.

In contrast, New Matilda pays more attention to in-depth analysis and critical views on events. They report on the root causes of Sydney’s traffic congestion, including issues of urban planning, public transport and car culture, while also looking at the social and environmental impacts of the event. Their reporting style is more liberal and controversial, using lots of quotes and opinions, while also encouraging readers to share and discuss on social media.

In terms of information presentation, New Matilda has an advantage in online delivery, they use social media and information sharing technology to interact with readers, and embed relevant social media posts and discussions in the article. ABC, on the other hand, pays more attention to the ease of use and readability in terms of technical delivery. They use concise and clear navigation and easy-to-read text format, and also provide functions such as automatic playback of multimedia files.

In terms of the most effective and engaging way of presenting information, it depends on the target audience and the positioning of the medium. If readers pay more attention to authoritative and objective reports, then ABC’s reporting method may be more popular; if readers prefer in-depth analysis and controversial views, then New Matilda’s reporting method may be more attractive. In any case, though, a good report should be accurate, in-depth, informative, and able to interact and communicate effectively with readers.



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