Extended post-study work rights:What it means for international students?

Unable to secure employment in his chosen field, Moin Rahman worked part-time in retail after graduating. Source: unsplash

Story Topic and Angle

Recently, the Australian government announced that international higher education graduates with eligible qualifications will be granted an extra two years of post-study work rights. This is undoubtedly good news for some international students. On the other hand, this initiative also stimulates international students to study in Australia to some extent. It not only alleviates labor shortage in Australia but also increases the income of the education industry.

In view of the above situation, I plan to write a news article to report the impact of this policy on international students. My main interviewee is an IT major student who is about to graduate. He will talk about his views on this policy and the reality of finding a job in Australia as an international student.

News value

  • Impact

According to the survey,26% of all tertiary students in Australia are from other countries. The proportion of international graduate students pursuing master’s degrees is even higher, at 49.8 per cent. The promulgation of this policy has not only affected international students, but also local students and enterprises.

  • Timeliness

The policy was introduced in mid-February this year.

  • Proximity

This is a local story.

Publication and Target Audience

I will post the story in ABC, which is one of Australia’s largest media organizations. It has broad influence and audience. Besides, it covers a wide range of topics and formats, including news, current affairs, drama, comedy, and documentaries.

The target audience for this story is international students as well as local students and businesses in Australia. For international students, this policy is relevant to them. For local students, it may mean more competition.

Source of Information 


  • International students facing graduation.
  • Someone who works for an IT company. He will talk to us about how this policy has affected him and his concerns about the increased competitiveness of international students.
  • The staff working in the Careers and Employability Office of the University of Sydney. She will analyze the impact of this policy from a professional perspective and give some advice to international students on finding jobs in Australia.


  • Relevant documents issued by the Australian government.
The Australian government officially issued relevant documents.
  • Some existing news reports related to this policy.
  • Get data on international students looking for jobs in Australia from reliable websites.

Multimedia, Hypertext & Interactivity


  • Insert pictures of international students looking for jobs in Australia to
  • Insert relevant data to increase the credibility of the article.


  • Consider including hypertext to official government websites, such as the Australian Department of Home Affairs or the Department of Education and Training. These sources can provide readers with more detailed information on visa extensions and any relevant policies.
  • I will include organizations representing international students in Australia can provide readers with insight into the impact of visa extensions on students’ experiences. These organizations can provide firsthand accounts of the benefits and challenges of extended visas.


  • Consider using interactive graphs or charts to help readers visualize the impact of the visa extension on different groups of international students. Interactive data visualizations can also help readers explore data in more detail and gain a deeper understanding of the issue.
  • Include social media links to relevant social media pages or hashtags where readers can join in the conversation and share their own experiences or opinions on the topic

word count: 550


  1. Lu provides a timely and current hot topic, which is also widely concerned by overseas students and the Australian government. Lu provides strong background research evidence and clear data to support the point. The news value of this topic is also considered to be concerning and will have an impact on international students. Additionally, ABC News is a good choice for publication, because it has a strong authority in Australia. In terms of sources, Lu presents thoughtful ideas on research objects and materials, and provides comprehensive ideas on multimedia, hypertext and interactivity that will be used next. In the overall structure of Lu’s post and online delivery, the article cleverly uses short paragraphs, chunks and dots to make its text clearer and more organised. However, Lu might consider making the topic and purpose more specific. For example, Lu could consider the deeper impact of this policy on international students. What are the personal needs and requirements of international students for work? Could the voices of local students also be considered? In the source section, Lu could also pay attention to the recruitment information and requirements published by local companies, especially the conditions related to international students. Furthermore, it is better to use subheading when publishing an article because it can help the reader to have a clearer idea of the purpose of the article.

  2. Great job! This topic catches human interest, especially from international students. And the interview about the IT industry is also a great angle. Your skills in image insertion and hyperlinking are good. However, as the target audience includes local students, it may be beneficial to consider incorporating interviews with them to demonstrate the direct impact of the policy on various groups (International students and local students). Additionally, selecting ‘open it in a new tab’ when setting the hyperlink is more easy to read, and adding a caption to the image in the article to attribute its source can increase credibility. In all, well done!

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