Hope and Uncertainty

View of Sydney city from the Bradleys Head
Coronavirus restriction was eased in NSW on May 15th. Image: Jessy Zhang

China’s tension with the United States has not passed, while tensions with Australia have started growing. Globalisation is no longer the trend. Rather there is a current state of tension around the globe. With the world being interconnected, she hopes people from different cultural backgrounds would be more respectful toward each other.

She will remember the days of holding a Hubei ID in Beijing, the uncertainty and nervousness in Thailand airport, the dilemma of wearing the mask, and the moment of lying down in her new home in Sydney.

On the first night of her arrival, crystal took this photo from her new home in Sydney. Image: Crystal

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Hi, I'm an international student from China who is currently doing master of digital communication and culture at The University of Sydney. Obsessed with different culture, I am striving to be a good storyteller!