It Is Hard To Access Contraception And Abortion In Regional NSW

This news story is from Buzzfeed News. The news reports the problem of contraception and abortion in NSW through the case of a girl from Wagga Wagga. There are two aspects including images and links that this story needs to improve.

Three images are used in this news. The first one is the region sight of Wagga Wagga which could give the audience a first impression of the place. But the second image of a woman is not relevant to the content with hypertexuality. If the author has permission from Ellen, the image could be the interview shot of her with quotes in order to add the reference to the context.

There are several links to the data report. As the first link shows the same short content to the news, it is unnecessary to add the link. The link could alter to an image of a pie graph for information output directly and visually. Otherwise, the fourth hyperlink of 2015 NSW Greens study is unavailable that negatively influence the user experience. Depend on the content, it would be better to offer the link of the Australia and New Zealand Journal of Public Health with complete data.

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  1. Interesting observations Jessie. First up this story is a news feature not a news story. It is well over 500 words, and also it is not talking about something new, but a long-running existing problem.

    The Buzzfeed feature image is poorly chosen. Wagga Wagga is actually a modern country city that looks little like this image. That building is actually a historic feature that needs to be named in the caption.I guess they chose it because it makes the place look old-fashioned and a backwater.

    For privacy reasons the reporter would not include a picture of Ellen. The existing image is meant to be evocative of a young girl waiting at a clinic, but I agree it is not necessary.

    Finally you are right about the broken link. That is sloppy work. However the other links are necessary. The teen mothers report gives much more background detail than the story can provide, and the link to the story about the telehealth line gives historic context. However the link phrases are way too long. The first should be: A report on teenage mothers from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare…
    The second should be: She found telehealth abortion service The Tabbot Foundation… 

    In your next assignment don’t forget to set a feature image, to make your links open in new tabs, and to add keyword tags.

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