The Improvement of the Online News: Big Bang: K-pop star quits showbiz amid ‘sex bribery’ claims

(Screenshot for the three provided links in the news)

The link: Big Bang: K-pop star quits showbiz amid ‘sex bribery’ claims

This news is from the international mainstream online news site: BBC. This news clearly describes the issues with direct language and simple words. The text is properly broken up into sections and with appropriate subheadings. Readers can gain the specific information and know more about the scandal. However, this online news could be more readable and understandable if some problems are taken into consideration.

In terms of the improvement, this story needs more links to relevant sources. Although the article contains the detailed description of the issues, other related news stories about this ongoing issue can be added as links. The news provides several links to other sources, but some links are not in direct correlation with this scandal. For example, the three links showing below are not closely related to this ongoing issue.

(Screenshot for the three provided links in the news)

There are images in this news story, but the problem is the lack of more relevant images. Another problem about the images is the lack of latest pictures or photos. As a current ongoing issue, the news story should contain the latest images. The photos or videos of the Seungri’s press conference for this scandal can be contained so that readers can acquire more definite information about this story.

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  1. Good observations Xueying. Can you link to or give examples of photos or videos of the Seungri’s press conference that you would have used to improve this story. Also what else would you link to? Give examples. The related stories links are designed to drive traffics through the site, so they have an essential role for the publication. I would have liked to have links to some biography of him, and also details of the band. I would have also like the Instagram post embedded rather than linked.

    On your web writing: please properly title and attribute your feature image, with an alt text label. It would have been much more engaging to use the image from the BBC news story or a CC licensed image of the KPop star concerned. Make sure your links open in new tabs. Please upload an image to your blog biography. Finally use your precede (subheading field below post) to promote your post.

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