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This news is about sterling fluctuation after the Brexit defeat. There are two ways I believe that could improve it. Firstly, the article mentioned that the sterling was trading down 0.7% at $1.31 after the vote. A graph of sterling’s trend line could directly show this tendency. It would help readers to see the decline of sterling rate visually.

A picture like it, or some more simple and straightforward

Secondly, some hypertexts in the text could provide more relevant information for readers. For example, the words “UK lawmakers voted down” in the first paragraph could jump to another report that Theresa May suffers another humiliating Brexit defeat. Although the report provided some relevant news and a video, it failed to connect to the report of Brexit vote, which is the most relevant background. The two related articles talked about some negative results of the Brexit defeat, and the video focused on the explanation of Brexit.

Another hypertext could be added in the sentence “Most analysts think the United Kingdom will avoid crashing out of the European Union.”, as it provided some professional analysis of Brexit for readers who are interested in this topic.


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  1. Excellent observations! That is a very clear, well-structured analysis. I agree with all of your suggestions.

    On your web writing:
    – You need to set a feature image and give it a caption, copyright details and alt text
    – Embed URLs, and keep link phrases to 2-3 keywords
    – Use your precede (subheading field below post) to promote your post
    – Add keyword tags for search engine discovery
    Also please upload an image of yourself to your blog bio to elicit trust from your readers.

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