Suggestions for news story: Christchurch Victims Honoured At Memorial

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The news story I would like to analyze is “Christchurch Victims Honoured At Memorial” from BuzzFeed.

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Firstly, although headline includes quote to appeal reader’s attention, it not clearly shows critical information. Also, there is a SEO headline issues because this headline did not have key words and messages that audience can search. For example, “Christchurch Victims Honoured At Memorial” could be changed to “Christchurch Victims be remembered forever at memorial”.

sources from screenshot of news

In addition, there is an issue about the copyright of photos. For example, the second photo comes from the Reuters. It is clearly shows that this photo might be copied one of news from Reuters. So it should put the source of link in the button of photo.

sources from screenshot of news

Moreover, there is the crucial issue of this news which is the uses of quotes. Indeed, it should interview citizens in memorial. However, journalist use too much quotes in news as you see. Also there are most of quotes come from same person called “Gamal Fouda”. So readers may lack interest and attention because it needs various voices in good news. That is actually unfriendly to readers.

Finally, I recommend this news can put video about the speech of “Gamal Fouda” and pray in the memorial. Certainly, it should put the resource of link in the news.


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  1. Interesting observations Mingmin. The headline had two keywords “New Zealand” and Christchurch. It lacked only ‘shooting’. Reuter is a newsagency which sells photos to news media. So there’s no need to link back to the originals – they are not published online. There is no such thing as too many quotes in a tribute news story, as they add emotional appeal and authenticity to the coverage and Gamal Fouda is a key source. Yes, it would have been nice to have video of the full speech. Could you find it available online, or was it a private service for the victims’ families and friends?

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