Ireland decide to close schools and colleges

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This news is released around 11 pm, which is a better time period because people may read the news before they go to bed. Most parts of this news use the speech of Taoiseach (Irish prime minister) to tell the citizens of Ireland who are the main audience the policy decision of the government.

The chunk and the length of each sentence are good for viewers to read and understand. It uses a few sentences to describes the schools of Ireland will be closed which did not give more detail about further steps for students. In the video, Taoiseach said the school will provide the online course for students but the news did not mention this important information. Therefore, the keyword in this news is not clear and it used more sentence to describe the whole speech rather than specifically about what the school is closing.

About improving this news, I think this news can add more picture of the content, such as the picture of the lady who is died due to Covid-19 and the data of Covid-19 in Ireland or in the world. In addition, putting the related information at the end of the news instead of putting it in the middle of the news which may distract the attention of viewers.

In terms of the interaction of news, people can watch the original speech video,  click the link to read the news about the first patient who is died for Covid-19, express their idea by giving comments and see other users’ ideas, share this news to other media platforms and if viewers want to contact with the BBC journalist they can find contact information to reflect their opinion.

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  1. BBC News is read around the world, so when you suggest this story was released at 11pm, where do you mean?
    If key words are not clear, can you suggest alternatives that would be clearer?
    There are a number of visual elements in the story, including two useful infographics. If you think a photograph of the victim would enhance the story, explain how.
    You refer to relevant features of online journalism, describing the effectiveness of shorter sentences and using ‘chunking’. Consider also how the headline, recurring words in the body text, heading tags (subheadings text and key words), and key word tags contribute to SEO.
    In your post, the story link should be embedded in a phrase that indicates where the reader is being taken, not spelled out as a full URL. The link should also open in a new tab. Your post should also include relevant key word tags.
    The screenshot you used is ineffective because it’s too small to read. You should also include a caption explaining its relevance and where it is from.
    By choosing to use the BBC headline you have ensured your own post is SEO-friendly, but it contains a typo (Ireland decides to close schools, not decide)
    You mention that readers could easily engage with the author – how could they do that? I see no byline or any means to contact the journalist.

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