Hospital staff in NSW told to prepare for 8,000 coronavirus deaths

Some features of the recent article of Hospital staff in NSW told to prepare for 8,000 coronavirus deaths published by the Guardian can be improved.



This article is a clear brevity announcement of coronavirus from health department. First, the headline on the homepage is easy to get people’s attention because of the different color they use to highlight “1.6 million people will be hit”.

Additional information is also provided such as estimating how many people will carry this coronavirus ultimately, and it shows a similar layout and design on the phone version, which makes people easy to search and review.


Hyperlinks should be modified in a better and more efficient way.

For instance, hyperlinks of “New South Wales” and “Health” created vague information for people, so it would be more useful to use specific words to let people what they will click.

Additionally, all hypertexts lead the audience to another story directly without opening a new tap, so it would be better to reset up for this if we want the audience to stay on this page more time.



Lack of images affected the whole body of this article and makes it hard to read. There could be more emphasis on each part, such as using more headings to remind the audience which part will be read next.



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  1. You use appropriate naming conventions for the features and functions of an online story, and the improvements you suggest are feasible for a publication such as The Guardian (including more subheadings and images to break up the text and make it easier to read).
    The screenshots you used should be captioned, and although it seems obvious where they came from they should also attribute the source. The screenshot you use to illustrate your point about hyperlinks looks like a featured quote or featured text, so really needs a caption.
    By choosing to use the Guardian headline you have ensured your own post is SEO-friendly. You use one relevant key word tag, but should use more (e.g. NSW, health). Consider also the ways the headline, recurring words in the body text, and key word tags in The Guardian story contribute to SEO.
    You point out that The Guardian’s links don’t open in new tabs … the link in your own post should also open in a new tab!

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