Analysis about coronavirus new published on BBC news

In the latest  BBC news, the latest article on the closure of cities to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus needs to be improved in several areas.



The purpose of hyperlinks is to help readers better understand the news and provide independent additional information for the relevant content. In this news, a lot of hyperlinks are used, and the hyperlink’s title is very long, which will make readers confused, unable to understand the information provided by the hyperlink in the first time, and the long title makes the whole news confused and unclear. In addition, when the hyperlink opens, the previous page is overwritten, which makes it more inconvenient for some mobile users to read the news — they need to click the back button to get back to the previous page.



In this news, text, pictures, video and other forms are used. There are some problems in the selection of pictures. For example, before the text “as countries struggle to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus, schools around the world are closed, sports events canceled, and cultural institutions closed,” there is a picture of an iron gate with several people standing in front of it. The photo itself has little to do with what the text is trying to say, and the reader can’t see the impact of the coronavirus on schools or institutions.



This report reflects some of the interactions between users and media and between users and users. For example, a question box is set so that users can learn about coronavirus and get more useful information by searching for keywords.

However, until the end of this article, users could not interact through comments, and had to share through other social platforms.

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  1. Your post stands out because it’s one of the few that mentions reading on both mobile and desktop, which is vital when analysing the effectiveness of online writing.
    You use the conventions of online news writing too, organising your post into clear sections separated by subheadings. Using heading tags instead of bold text would enhance the SEO – look in the post toolbox above the strikethrough and horizontal line functions and you’ll see ‘paragraph’ as the default text type; you can choose a heading type there.
    The link you provide to the story should be embedded in text or a phrase that both indicates to the reader where they are going, and uses key words for SEO purposes. The link should also open in a new tab. I had to copy and paste the story link, which is not user-friendly.
    Regarding the photo used at the top of the BBC story, I think it shows patrons waiting outside a closed museum, so it does relate to the content. I agree that it’s not the most engaging photograph ever published, and that there might have been a better alternative.
    You have assigned your post to the relevant category as required however you should also assign key word tags for SEO. You could also consider the importance of SEO in the key words you choose for your blog title or headline.
    The screenshot of the question box breaks up the text and illustrates the point you’re making, but it should be captioned and information about the copyright holder or source of the image, even if it seems obvious.

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