Gatherings of more than 500 people to be cancelled, Australians urged not to travel overseas amid coronavirus fears

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Here are some points that I think need to be improved:



In fact, this news story is consist of three different news stories, and the headline is only about the first news story. Although the article did use  subtitles to separate each part to make the news clear, but that still looks messy.

The stories can be separated into three news or the title can be changed into one which is more general.


Scott Morison reaches to shake Gladys Berejiklian's hand

The picture didn’t fit the theme well. The information of this picture can’t help readers to understand better, or even would mislead some readers who would only take a glance of the title.

The picture is intersecting and impressive, but it would be better to change into another one.



There are lot’s of usage of hyperlinks, and the content they lead to is very useful. But the hyperlinks just contain too many words, and people might not see the points.

(screenshot of the news)

For example,  the words used to create hyperlinks, “travel bans to foreign nationals coming from China……”, can be reduced into “travel bans”.

Information push

While reading the news, the information push would always make a gap of our reading process, which really  affects the reading experience


(screenshot of the news)

Put the information push aside would be better.



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  1. The link you provide to the story should be embedded in text or a phrase that both indicates to the reader where they are going, and uses key words for SEO purposes. The link should also open in a new tab. I had to copy and paste the story link, which is not user-friendly. (Further down your post you provide an embedded link as a photo caption, but it doesn’t open in a new tab.)
    Good observation that too many words are used within the links in the ABC story.
    Good use of the terminology relating to the features and functions of online journalism. You also do a good job structuring your analysis, aided by the use of subheadings. The post also uses shorter paragraphs and lots of white space, which make it easier to read and comprehend.
    You also use images to illustrate the points you’re making and to break up text. You have captioned the screenshots, but you should also acknowledge the source, even where you think it might be obvious to readers (as in the screenshots).
    You should assign relevant key word tags to your post.

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