Improvement Suggestions about: ‘ Coronavirus: Countries enforce mass closures to stem spread’

coronavirus closures


The screenshot of news from BBC website



This news article delivers rich information about updates of mass closures caused by coronavirus concerns of many countries. While it is well written, there are still some rooms for improvement.


The headline of this BBC news is concise yet vague: it indicates main parties and issues but fails to give readers details about the story. For example, readers fail to have a clear image of countries’ names and what the closures are about. The suggestions would be: narrow down the range (list the name of major countries, closure actions that the countries take) and specify the story.


Texts, videos, and pictures are used in this news article while the selection of some videos and pictures is a little irrelevant with the message texts tried to deliver to audiences. For example, the video under the section ‘ And what sporting events are off? ‘ presents Boris Johnson addresses the serious consequences of coronavirus outbreak, which is not related to the closures of sporting events at all.

The screenshot of the body of the news from BBC


Although there are some types of interactive sessions using in this news article, audiences cannot engage in the discussion of this news story. It would be better to add comment session below the news article to get more engagement.


The interactive session of the news article


This news will be exposed to more audiences if there have more category tags, keyword tags as a guide for audiences to search. Major events act as hypertexts in the news article, which is convenient for audiences to find out more details. while it almost looks like another title of the news article, which is long and detailed, it may cause audiences to fail to recognize the key words quickly thus miss find the useful information they need. Therefore, shorter keywords tags might be better in improving audiences’ experience.
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  1. Links you provide in your post should be embedded in text and open in new tabs.
    You have used techniques of online journalism such as subheadings and shorter paragraphs, which ensure your post is scannable and easy to read. You have also used some of the appropriate naming conventions for the features and functions of online journalism. Some of your layout is awry – see for example the heading “Multimediality” which is directly under the paragraph above.
    You have used appropriate screenshots, but you must caption them and attribute the copyright holder or source of every image, even where it seems obvious.
    In part 2 of the assessment make sure to refer to Bradshaw and other readings in your analysis.
    Your key word tags are mostly ok, but try to keep them simple (1-2 relevant words or terms); you do not need to use the # symbol. You suggest the use of key word tags in the BBC story – where you suggest improvements, provide examples. Which tags would you add?
    Good observation of the vague nature of the headline – how does that affect the SEO?

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