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This is a news story basic on a real event, it is timely and less than 500 words. This news only has ‘climate change’ as a keyword, and it is under the science category. More keywords could be added such as ‘environmental issue’, so readers could reach this news from other similar pages quickly. There are two links, while when click those links, they are opened in the original page and both of these two links link to BBC NEWS website, which makes audiences confused when getting back to the original news page. Additionally, this news gives the key points such as Where (Europe), When (2019/2020 winter), What (climate change), Who (C3S), and with (ice-wine). However, that does not give any possible reason (How) of warm winter, these reasons could be added as links or just put at the end of the news. There are no subtitles in this context, while that might be fine because it is less than 500 words. Maybe a subtitle could be added between narrative fact and the side influences (ice-wine) to help readers understand why authors choose the first picture, how it relevant to climate change.

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  1. Good choice of story for your analysis.
    Links you provide in your post should be embedded in text and open in new tabs.
    You should use techniques of online journalism such as subheadings and shorter paragraphs to ensure your post is scannable and easy to read. Inn addition, using images (in this example, screenshots) would add meaning to the post both as illustrations of the points you are making and as visual devices to break up text. (In your future posts, ensure every image is captioned and attribution is given to the copyright holder or creator of the image.)
    You suggest the BBC could add more key word tags – you should also add tags to your own post! Your headline or post title should consider SEO – you did not need to include Assignment 1 in the title because you have put your post in that category; similarly, you don’t need to use your name because readers can follow your profile link.
    In part two of the assignment make sure you use the appropriate naming conventions for the features and functions of online journalism (hypertextuality, multimediality, etc.) and also refer to Bradshaw and the other readings.

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