European scholars are calling on Europe and China to join hands to tackle global challenges


John fannell, a senior adviser at the center for Eurasian studies in Brussels, said China and Europe should work on three fronts to address the multiple challenges facing the world economy in the face of the outbreak. Opening wider to an early conclusion of a comprehensive investment agreement; Defend multilateralism and repair the world economic and trade system.


The online news headline should be shorter to make it easier for users to read. Because of the limited screen width, short headlines will make it easier for users to browse through the full headlines. The headline should emphasize the situation of the epidemic so as to highlight the special nature of the news and facilitate people to search for the keyword.


In addition to text and pictures, there are no hypertext links such as video, audio and text descriptions. In the absence of specific explanations, it is difficult for readers to understand some professional terms, such as “post-brexit” eu, protectionist policies, “double engine of the eu” and other words. These obscure words are not conducive to readers’ understanding of the article.Hypertext links should be placed where it is not easy to understand, explaining the context of the article and the meaning of the technical terms.


This article only has the text and the picture, the expression form is relatively single, cannot vivid rich explanation more content. Content such as video and audio should be added to the part of the meeting to enhance cooperation, which can reduce the boring feeling of people reading political and economic news.

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  1. Hi Yue, and apologies for the delay commenting on your post.
    The link you emailed was to the Chinese version, so I have assessed that as it seems to be the one to which you have referred in your post.
    You should have provided a link to the story you were analysing, embedded in text, and opening in a new tab.
    Your blog posts should also use keywords, and be shorter and SEO-friendly.
    Adding keyword tags also helps with SEO, and they are missing from your post.
    You did assign the post to the correct category, and you have ‘chunked’ your information using shorter paragraphs and subheadings (though use heading tags instead of bold text to enhance discoverability).
    Good use of the naming conventions for the features and forms of online journalism. In your next assignment, ensure you refer to the required readings to support your analysis.
    Where you suggest improvements, offer examples (e.g. what is the headline you would use? Which keywords would enhance SEO? If you think hyperlinks would add to the story, what could they link to?)
    You suggest photos and video could add interest for users – you could also have used a screenshot to illustrate your post, both to support your analysis and to break up text and add visual appeal. All photos, even screenshots, should be captioned and contain attribution for the author or source of the image.

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