Things that serve a purpose

Game Boy Advance on a table
Game Boy Advance on a table
  • Nintendo Switch on a table
    My source of gaming when I am laying down on bed, or when I am up and mobile.
  • PS4
    When I am in the mood for some undisturbed entertainment, or maybe when I need something to watch on the TV screen when I feel like watching something.
  • The Omen Laptop
    My central hub of all indoor activities, gaming, music, reading, or just internet browsing in general.
  • Figurine Collection
    A glass cabinet filled with anime and gaming figurines, that i have watched or played. To me those are important memories that I cherish through figurines, which serve as memorabilia.
About Weilong Mao 5 Articles
A University of Sydney Student, My hobbies generally lies with video gaming, anime, rock/electronic music and tabletop roleplays. Then there is the occasional reading and writing,

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