Adding necessary links is important

Sydney Opera House © Vanessa Richter

This is an editorial news story so the main purpose is expressing the opinion and shaping audiences’ opinions.  Because of China Daily owned by the government, so the voice and attitude of this story are manipulated by China and this story has high credibility.  However, the lack of links is not a signal of credibility.

For example, even though this story using official statistics as evidence to prove the credibility, there is no specific explanation for those numbers.  To be specific, there is no link to facilitate audiences to believe the truth of the statistics.  Media owned by the government could be an important factor to measure credibility, but it cannot be the only reason.  This could cause a question: Why the government could control the spread of coronavirus after lifting of lockdown?  Therefore,  the necessary links and relayed stories embedded in this news story play an important role in shaping opinions.

Based on that, this story should add links when some important statistics and statements are mentioned.

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