Investigation underway after Sydney trains halted due to communications issue 

The article was written by Isobel Roe and Greta Stonehouse on ABC News.


It is concise for readability, placing the key point first that the train station was suspended and the secondary-important reason next. However, it is not generalized because it does not mention the other elements of 5W.


Videos of train station system restoration should not be placed after news headlines. The place after the headline should be for the important details of the story. I would place the video at the bottom of the story for others who are interested in the story.

It would be a bit monotonous to repeatedly photograph the affected citizens. I will provide photographs from several angles, such as the head of the train system, the added taxis as an alternative option, etc.


There is only one hyperlink to a live report on the ongoing updates. It contains many screenshots, which is a tedious and time-consuming task. I will link directly to other social media platforms for citizens to participate in the conversation. And I will add more links in the story about detailed reports of affected citizens, relevant data, jargon in case readers don’t understand.

Interactivity & Usability

There is an area for sharing to other platforms, which will increase interactivity with the audience across media. However, there is no specific area for interaction. So I will add a comment area for public discussion.

There are also tags about this story, which will largely reduce the time it takes for the audience to locate this news and increase usability.



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