Iranian schoolgirls hospitalised after poisonings

More than 700 schoolgirls in Iran have been poisoned since November 2022. BBC News reported on the topic, below are my comments on their report.

1. Advertisement

A large advertisement dominates at the top of the website. It hovers and blocks the report title as you scroll down to look for story content. I would reposition the advertisement to the right column for faster story access.

2. Paragraph Dividers

The report is approximately 890 words long. Readers can easily lose focus of the story while reading through the extended series of short paragraphs. I would use sub-headings and double spacing to divide the article into bite-sized sections after the opening introduction and summary.

The bullet point reference to another BBC coverage ‘Iran probes poisoning of almost 700 schoolgirls’ appears abrupt and confusing. I would either include another 1-2 factual bullet points underneath or merge the bullet point with the paragraph above to improve the story flow.

3. Multimedia

The report includes 3 large photograph images, however all of which are blurry due to low pixelation. I would either replace them with higher quality photos or shrink display sizes for image clarity.

The article includes hyperlinks to BBC Persia’s Twitter updates and video recordings, however it is much more effective to directly embed those videos in this report for viewer’s convenience.

4. Closing

A stronger story conclusion could leave readers with a strong impression. The site could further include an interactive discussion panel at the bottom for greater reader engagement.


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