Landmark Decision: ‘Mushrooms’ And MDMA Legalised To Treat Depression And PTSD

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Landmark Decision: ‘Mushrooms’ And MDMA Legalised To Treat Depression And PTSD

This news article is from the headline of the digital-born media New Matilda—the news focus on an announcement by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

The headline and subheading of this article summarize the news, and the headline’s length is appropriate. “The headline “Landmark Decision” is a very eye-catching way to start a headline. Mushrooms” and “MDMA” both provide good SEO search terms. But perhaps it would be better to add the legislative region “Australia” to the title.

The image on this page is a picture of a mushroom, which may confuse readers because only some know that mushroom is synonymous with the hallucinogenic chemical. So, consider replacing or adding more images to enhance the reader’s understanding. Or add other forms of multimedia, such as video or data graphs, to improve the adaptability of this article in multimedia. Also, the article has only one hyperlink to the TGA announcement, which is insufficient for online readers.

The word count of this article is more than 500 words, which is, unfortunately, a medium length. Medium length means that this article needs to provide better scannability in the case of online reading, and it needs to provide as much rich and detailed information as a long article. At the same time, this paper requires more brevity. Many long sentences and paragraphs make the multimedia readers’ reading experience terrible.

Regarding Interactivity, New Matilda did include share links to mainstream social media under the article. Still, they did not include the author’s name and contact information, so I think the interaction was limited. There is also no area for comments or conversations, which needs to improve as a digital-born media.

In short, this article needs to improve in all aspects from the perspective of online writing.

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