Oceans littered with 171 trillion plastic pieces

ocean creature

By Georgina Rannard

BBC Climate and science reporter



Multimedia & interactivity :

Initially, the following graphics show us the area polluted by plastic litter and it helps people fathom current crisis in spotted location, the color indicates how much those have been polluted, by the way, the audiences could also see a trend according to below statistics.

However,  it is reluctant for these dull pictures and number to bring awareness of plastic litter public, maybe something dynamic and interactive could make it somehow. for instance, the first given marine map can be added some hyperlinks showing pictures of litter to spotted 3 areas. Likewise using a dynamic graphic(gif) makes statistics more visible and clear for public.



Related links are always as complementary content, the given links demonstrate the crisis from three aspects, it gives people who pursue more details a comprehensive insight.



Author described the historic reason and process of  microplastics in the ocean and gave profound advices that evoke public attention to solutions. It definitely made an effort for that issue through this report.



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