A Man Said He’d Adopt Cats and Torture Them in a Livestream. Then Vigilantes Took Action

News from VICE


The long winded headline is still brief as it doesn’t give details about the who/what/when/where/why/how of the story, although it still manages to evoke a sense of impact, alarm and



Li, in China broadcasts the fact that he is going to torture and kill cats live which sparks an online debate about animal rights in China.


The image used is emotion provoking as the audience are are faced with a deeply sad cat – the tone of the article is set as the reader is positioned to sympathise with the animal. Perhaps a photo of the man committing the actions would personify him better and thus evoke the audience to feel a sense of anger towards Li.

Hyperlinks & Scannability

The article used hyperlinks were used throughout the article,  for example “they were investigating Li” – links to another news article from Yahoo News and “In its posts on the Chinese messaging platform WeChat, the nonprofit said it had received a tipoff about the group’s operation” gives visual  (and graphic-TW!) evidence form Chinese websites  which backs up the atrocities that are written about in the VICE article which improved the source credibility. The article however had no subheadings which didn’t improve the article’s scannability.


Article give the reader the option to listen to the article instead of reading.

Reader also able to share this article on social media.



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