Analysing ‘Nine in 10 Australians support action to stop children vaping’

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This article published by The New Daily February 2023 is a good example of how digital born news sites have learned to use the tools of the internet to make the audience’s reading experience more interactive, but at the same time have not perfected the craft either.

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Starting with the positives the article is consistently formatted so that every part of the page and story feels cohesive. The font, font size, colours and text borders follow a pattern. The reader never questions what on screen is a part of the story and what isn’t.

The name of the author can be found near the top of the article and links to the author’s other works, making it easier for readers to find stories in a similar style.

Social media links to share this story are available at both the beginning and end of the article


Where it falls short is a few extra flourishes that would have elevated the article further.

There is only one image in the article which is the header of the piece. An extra one or two would have helped to break up the text and keep readers engaged.

“They could also have indented quotes to help break up the text and highlight professional voices that make the article more credible but failed to make use of this technique, like so.”

The biggest shortcoming of the article I would say however, is their failure to link to any of their sources other than the one embedded tweet. 

They are sure to cite in-text where they got the information from, for example the Therapeutic Goods Commission. But how are readers meant to know who that is? If they added a Hyperlink over the relevant text it would allow readers to check for themselves the credibility of the source and would therefore back up the credibility of the article.

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