Inside SM Entertainment, a K-pop succession drama is brewing between uncle and nephew who rule over music empire

ABC News: Published by Wing Kuang, 5 Mar 2023

This ABC News is around a significant conflict between Lee Soo-man and Sung-soo managing their SM company happened from the end of 2022 to now.


Although “SM” and “K-pop” in the headline show core organization and relevant subject, the key people using implicit appellations cannot increase its exposure or arcuate searching. Changing “uncle” and “nephew” to their exact names will be more effective. It is divided with several subheadings. However, almost half of contents introduce key people’s background and without embedded links about relative organizations/data graphs, needing to simplify background information and add more description on central objects.


It is redundant to place sharing links and signs on both vertical sides of the news. Deleting the top sharing link will be better since no viewer will share until reading it. Facebook and Twitter are the only two direct sharing paths that increasing social media entries (like Instagram, Email) can improve interactivity.

On the top: Sharing Link before the beginning of story; At the bottom: Sharing links with direct transmissions
The Twitter Post of Lee Sung-soo


Lots of images about Lee Soo-man and Sung-soo with employees are provided. Sung-soo’s Twitter post is also displayed with link for people to directly react to it which is convincing and convenient. But a idols’ picture placed below government section could be deleted due to irrelevance.

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