Blog Post: Limitation of news article posted by BBC about ChatGPT

New article: to an external site. 

The news article posted by BBC on Feb. 1 mainly focused on the subscription of ChatGPT, besides that, it talked about the future potential of ChatGPT as a search engine.

The news article lacks a hyperlink which doesn’t allow readers to learn the background knowledge. For example, it recommended adding a hyperlink about ChatGPT, instead of simply describing it as “AI chatbot”  in the first paragraph. Also, adding a hyperlink of the OpenAI blog post about the subscription is recommended on paragraph 5.

The article contains only one image and no audio to convey the messages. It recommended adding images about the subscription details including the fee, services provided. Also, adding screenshots about chat records with ChatGPT is also a good way to provide visual sense to the audiences.

The article lacks subtitles which decrease its brevity. Adding subtitles allows the readers to find each part easier and allow for search engines optimization. Subtitles such as “ChatGPT in different fields” can add before the paragraph “The chatbot has captured people’s imagination by being…”

The article lacks quotes from experts to increase its credibility. One paragraph starting with “Some experts believe that decent chatbots…” is very vague. It is recommended to add few direct quotes and names of the experts to increase the range of voice and make it more accurate.


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