Blog Post: A brief analysis of an ABC report

Report on Ukraine-Russia war

(Word count: 185)

This is a news article published on ABC, published on March 13, 2023.

Firstly, it is of concern that the article has no subhead. Such a headline may make users lose readability.

Secondly, this article is missing the video or audio files associated with it. This may reduce the audibility of the article. I would suggest that a video related to the conference could be added as an illustration within the article, which would add to the audition effect of the article.

Similarly, There is only one picture within the article, but no time stamp. More news related pictures are needed, such as Russian and Ukrainian troops, or live pictures of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Last but not least, this news article is related to the Russian-Ukrainian war, but no hyperlinks related to this article are given within the texts. I think it is possible that some hyperlinks can be added in the relevant part of the article with the news background related to the Russian-Ukrainian war. This would add context to the news for the user as a way to improve readability.

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