Should Drone Delivery Permeate Our Life and Displace Traditional Mode?

Drone delivery. Image by Wing Blog, 2021

News Feature Topic and Angle

In recent years, delivery drones have been increasingly applied by many countries in the world due to the diffusion of COVID-19. Australia is one of them, launching drones to achieve contactless delivery to keep safe. Logan is even called the capital of drone delivery. There are two kinds of delivery drones in Australia, Wing and Swoop Aero. Wing, belonging to Alphabet (Google’s parent corporation), is the first delivery drone mainly used by the public which I will focus on. It has collaborated with Coles, DoorDash and other large-scale stores/platforms and property company Mirvac to provide delivery service, indicating it tries to occupy a large proportion of the delivery industry and people’s life. A report shows that every 25 seconds will happen a delivery and over 30,000 deliveries were fulfilled by drones in two months last year in Australia.

Compared with traditional delivery, drone delivery has positive impacts offsetting original defects, but meanwhile, this drone delivery brings issues to different stakeholders, like burden distribution. With the great demand for delivery service, the question of whether it is better to choose drone delivery or should drone delivery be widely used/replace the traditional approach is a concern and needs to be explored. Moreover, lots of people might not be aware of this novel service that talking about this topic could moderate people’s information gap. This news feature will discuss how delivery drones work, what improvements drone delivery have than traditional one, how applying delivery drones generates challenges to users, society and the environment, and what grand strategies of relevant companies for drone delivery in the future. Also, I will incorporate some suggestions to the development of drone delivery.

Publication and Target User Group

The potential publication is The New Daily, a digital-born Australian news website. It has various specific categories of news. TECH section about technologies under the LIFE column is accurate for posting my feature which also relates to technological evolvement and service. Its audiences mostly prefer topics of computer and technology that is able to enlarge my feature’s market. Besides, providing a comment area with censorship is this publication’s feature. People can express their insights about drone delivery rationally to give others advice on whether this service is suitable to use in different dimensions.

My target group is adults who are interested in emerging technological products, be familiar with using digital devices and love online shopping and ordering take-outs.

Sources of Information

Receiving a package from the delivery drone. Photo by Wing

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  • A video/photo of the interview
  • A YouTube video explaining drone delivery’s process
  • Delivery drones related images
  • Twitter’s tweets and Instagram’s posts
  • Embedded links to some data, news and reports
  • An area for audiences to comment/create conversations
  • Contacts and social media accounts for further discussions


  1. This is an interesting topic! I am in favor of the idea that technology changes life. The development of science and technology has made human life more convenient. But if certain restrictions do not keep up with the use of technology, this convenience may turn into harm. The same goes for drones. As the cost of drone delivery falls and technology improves, it is likely that technology will replace human labor. At the same time, will the noise made by drones at work affect people’s daily life? I think these issues can be put into the news for discussion. If you can connect drone delivery with the lives of ordinary people, and discuss how drones will change everyone’s life, this will make this story more humane.

  2. The topic and angle of the article are well-written and detailed. However, the contact details of the interviewees could be improved by including Jessie Ji’s email or phone number. Furthermore, relying on a single interviewee might not suffice to convey the significance of the news adequately. It may be beneficial to invite an expert who is knowledgeable in this area to have a two-sided conversation, which would provide more depth and perspective to the article.

    Great job incorporating multimedia, hypertext, and interactivity into your online writing techniques! To further improve this, consider providing more specific and detailed content. For instance, consider showing the reader the exact type of delivery drone images you plan to use. You could also include screenshots of the specific Twitter tweets and Instagram posts that you want to use. Additionally, when including embedded links to data, news, and reports, consider making them clickable so that readers can access them easily. By doing so, you can make your online writing more engaging and informative.

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