“TikTok rappers” becomes mainstream and making high amount profit in Australian market

If you can give someone the right fit, they will always find their way to success.

Story topic and angle 

In this digital world, video has already become one primary channel for individuals intaking knowledge. Short video is a form of content that tells the story in around 30 seconds. Thus, it allows users to generate information with high efficiency and makes it easy to get obsessed.


Nowadays, there are more than 73% of internet users prefer short videos, and this form of video helps brand generates the greatest ROI. The growth of short videos has born a profitable market in which more than 30% of marketers are willing to conduct their campaigns through short videos.


TikTok, as one of the largest short, formed video companies states that its audiences spend an average of 45 mins for watching TikTok every day and it is most likely to go viral. Therefore, it leads to many individuals post their content to make a profit.


One specter of TikTok is hip-pop and rap music on TikTok. Many individuals dressed in old school style and showed their tattoos then mumble with the beat, and they call themselves rappers or musicians.


However, those rappers who spent years making music and have many albums on the market consider those “TikTok rappers” are not real rappers but clowns who are embracing themselves. Thus, this article will majorly consider the angle that whether “TikTok rappers” are real rappers or not and whether are they wrong for making profit through using hop pop culture. 


Chosen genre (feature or news commentary) 

Since “TikTok musicians” becomes more trendy, more and more users are started to follow them. Thus, the genre of this article will be a trend feature with interviews cast contained.


Chosen publication and target user group

This feature will majorly be focused on the group of audiences who are active users of TikTok, watch hip hop related videos on TikTok, and have paid high interests on hip pop culture and rap music. In addition, individuals who spent money on those “TikTok musicians” will also be considered as target for this trend feature.


This feature is also aimed to generate their attention and create engagement in order to know the audiences’ opinion of this issue. The publication of this article could be on the mainstream news website of the Australian market such as ABC news and The Sydney Morning Herald. Besides, social media channels are also a favorable channel of engagement for this article.


Source of information

Online resources:

  • TikTok annual report 2022
  • Statista
  • Linkedin

News resources:

  • ABC News
  • The Sydney Morning Herald

Ideal interviewees:

  • Ollie Roland: Rapper and musician in Australia who did music for more than 10 years.
  • Xuanting Lau: TikTok rapper in Melbourne who became mainstream and took many commercials recently.
  • Zelda Yu: Music content operation manager in TikTok Asia Pacific.
  • Tycho Hugh: Former marketer at a whiskey brand who invested in TikTok musicians for their campaign.
  • Oshi Gunawan: Who is obsessed with TikTok rap music and willing to pay for products which recommended by TikTok rappers.


Conflict, human interests, timeliness, and currency.


Idea for multimedia, hypertext, and interactivity 

  • Videos and images will be used to show related TikTok rap and professional rap music of my interviewees to audiences.
  • Hypertext will be used to link relevant reports, online journals, webpages, and social media posts.

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  1. Hi YU! This is a compelling and interesting topic! You tapped into current trends and conflicts within the music industry as to whether these rappers are true artists or just profiting from hip-hop culture, bringing depth to the story. However, it would have been beneficial to include the opinions of well-known rappers from the traditional music industry to better contrast the various perspectives. The impact of TikTok on the music industry as a whole could also be explored, with the inclusion of some data on the demographics of the audience consuming TikTok rap. For other sources, consider consulting music industry experts or cultural critics for commentary on the wider impact of this trend on music and society, providing a holistic perspective. Overall, the choice of target audience and publication is clear, and the multimedia and the multimedia and interactivity sections would also be a good idea if they included interactive elements such as polls!

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