Dog breed bans: A solution or a quick fix for dog attacks?

Recent dog attacks has lead to potential banning on restricted dog breeds, is this an effective solution or just a temporary fix?

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Dog breed bans: A solution or a quick fix for dog attacks?

The Topic Idea:

The Australian Companion Animal Council Inc estimated that there are over 100,000 dog attack injuries annually in Australia, with approximately 10% of these individuals hospitalised. Among these injuries, young children account for the highest rate.

The recent spate of dog’s attack in Queensland has sparked attention to advocating stricter dog laws in Australia, which includes banning restricted dog breeds that are classified as dangerous. The banning of dog breeds has caused heated debate over whether it is an effective solution or just a band-aid fix to the situation.

As the government searches for feedback from the community before implementing the regulation, I would like to write a commentary article that focuses on the effectiveness of breed banning, factors behind the attraction, and explore any alternative solutions.


Target Audience & Desired Publication

This article targets a diverse range of audience, including dog owners who may be impacted by the potential ban of certain dog breeds, concerned parents, and individuals that are interested in public health and safety matters.

My target publication is 7 News, which has an extensive resource towards pets, specifically dog-related articles with a dedicated section for Pets just right under Lifestyle, this is a special feature not found in many other large online news outlets. As the highest-rated and one of Australia’s most traditional news outlets, 7 News can reach a broad demographic of my target audience.

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Research Material

To gather data and information for this Article, I plan to use a combination of the following research methods:

  • Official databases on dog attacks and related injuries to draw relevancy between dog breeds and attacks.
  • Academic sources or professional articles regarding dog aggressiveness and behaviours to discover the core problems and leading factors.
  • Social media sites and forums to collect public opinions on the situation.
  • Interviews with dog owners with different-sized dogs, parents, and vet professionals to gain insight into different perspectives on aggressive dog behaviour.


The Main Argument of The Article

This article will argue that breeds banning might not address the root cause of dog attacks, as, it solely focusses on dog breeds but not individual dogs’ behaviour. We will emphasise on  more research needed to determine the impact of banning certain dog breeds. As banning dog breeds might have negative consequences for dog owners and the sense of security to general public.

Strategies to Increase Hypertextuality, Multimediality, and Interactivity

  • Use strong SEO headlines and keywords that indicate the articles’ main.
  • Hyperlink keywords, events, or data for cross-referencing.
  • Include social media posts or polls to enhance dialogic and selective interactivity.
  • Incorporate related photos and videos to increase multimedia features.
  • Encourage cross-social media sharing to boost reach and discussion.
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  1. Hi, Zoe. As someone who loves dogs and used to have a dog as a pet, I am very interested in the story theme you have chosen. I think the news angle you chose is appropriate, and the news website you want to publish this feature story is also appropriate. I notice that you choose dog owners and pet-related people as interviewees, and I think that the opinions of those who have been attacked by dogs should also be considered to ensure a balanced news story. I’m really looking forward to your work.

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