The Plight of Australia’s Aging Population: A Call to Action


Australia’s aging population is an issue that has been gaining traction in recent years. With the baby boomer generation reaching retirement age and increased life expectancy, it is estimated that the number of Australians aged 65 years and over will double by 2057. This demographic shift has significant implications for the economy, healthcare system, and society at large. In this feature article, I propose to explore the challenges faced by Australia’s aging population and offer suggestions for how the government, healthcare providers, and the community can address them.

Target Publication

The Conversation is my preferred online publication for this article. The Conversation is an online publication that provides academic analysis and expert commentary on current affairs, and its target audience is primarily educated readers who are interested in evidence-based research and analysis.

Target User Group

The target user group for this article would be policymakers, healthcare providers, and community leaders who have a stake in addressing the challenges faced by Australia’s aging population. The article would also be relevant to the wider Australian public, particularly those who have elderly family members or are approaching retirement age themselves.  The article could help raise awareness about the challenges faced by the aging population and encourage readers to advocate for better support and resources for the elderly.


Infographics: Incorporate visually appealing infographics to illustrate key statistics and trends related to Australia’s aging population.  For example, you could use charts and graphs to demonstrate the projected increase in the number of elderly Australians or highlight the distribution of elderly population across different states and territories.

Video interviews: Include video interviews with elderly Australians and their caregivers to offer firsthand accounts of the challenges they face.  This could provide a human touch to the article and help readers understand the impact of aging on individuals and their families.

Hyperlinks: Use hyperlinks to connect readers to relevant resources, such as government reports, research articles, and advocacy groups.  This could help readers delve deeper into specific topics of interest and learn more about potential solutions.

Interviewees and Sources

In this article, I will interview State Member and geriatric care sector specialist, health care provider and Community organizations and volunteers who may be interested in initiatives aimed at addressing social isolation among older Australians. Some potential interviewees include:

Paul Hamer MP State Member for Box Hill

Dr. Sarah Russell, Aged Care Advocate and Director of Aged Care Matters

I would also draw on recent research on aging and aged care, including the 2021 Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and the 2019 Productivity Commission report on aged care.

Objectives of the news feature

Australia’s aging population is a significant public issue that requires urgent attention. By investing in the aged care sector, developing innovative healthcare solutions, and promoting social inclusion, we can ensure that older Australians can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life. This feature article aims to inform readers about the challenges facing Australia’s aging population and offer suggestions for how we can address them.

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