In limbo in Bangkok

Night view in Thailand
Crystal went to Thailand for 14 days so she could return to Sydney during the travel ban. Image: Crystal Zhang (supplied)
The graph of new cases confirmed in China
Data from World Health Organisation. Image: Jessy Zhang

Second day in Thailand. Away from heaters and sweaters, it is weird that Crystal could suddenly wear a dress now. The situation in China is still serious, but people are getting used to it now. Cooking, baking or watching a drama, from what she sees on her WeChat feed, people have tried their best to stay away from boredom. In the hope of the curve would drop soon, checking how many new cases are confirmed in China becomes a daily routine for her.

The government is mainly reporting from a positive perspective. At this time, people need to see some good news so it will not cause social panic. Among all the news about brave doctors, responsible volunteers, and health information, the tragedy of four deaths in one family shocked her.

With the case number officially updated every day, people tend to forget that behind every number, there is a person. It is not just a number. It ia life. It is the hundreds and thousands of the broken families. It is sad and probably even depressing for people to see news like this. But it should exist. “It can let me know the story more objectively. If we only listen to one side, we would be limited.” She pauses a while to think of an example, “like perceiving a polyhedron only from one side.”

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