The eerie quiet in Beijing

Snow in Beijing during coronavirus
Snowing scene in Beijing during coronavirus. Image: Lidong Zhang (supplied)

It has been snowing here in Beijing. With everything covered in white, the world is freshly decorated. Looking out of the window, there are no people outside. Scant tracks and footprints leave the snow still clean and pretty. The outside world is still and picturesque, but not for the people online. Doctor Li Wenliang passed away on 2:58 am, Feb 7th.

His saying of “there should be more than one voice in a healthy society” is remembered by everyone. The unprecedented explosion from people is touching, sad, but also hopeful. His strong words are captivating. They remind her of the K-drama she watched in high school from which the dream of becoming a journalist was sowed. She does not even remember the name of that drama but the scene of the journalists rushing to broadcast while their Satellite News Gathering vehicle was being chased by the police car was engraved in her memory since then.

“That scene had a subconscious impact on me. Even when their lives were at risk, they were still trying to make a voice.” Whether it is the voice of the people or the government, it is dependent on the media institution or specific journalist. She does agree with the necessity of government using media to communicate with its citizens.

But again, she quoted “‘there should be more than one voice in a healthy society.’ Probably there is something we could learn from Russian media. There are the state-owned media, which is authentic, official, but controlled. Meanwhile, the government accepts the existence of a public sphere where people can express their opinions. People do not allow this sphere being controlled by the government.”

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