Housing prices are plunging, but we really should have seen it coming

Tuan's short analysis for Assignment 1

I have chosen an article from the ABC News Online website entitled: “Housing prices are plunging, but we really should have seen it coming”. It can be seen here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-10/how-low-can-stocks-and-property-go/10598708.

The article aims to analyse the current Australian housing market by comparing it to other regional and global markets. The author primarily uses plain text to express their analysis, whilst supporting their points using a series of infographics and supplementary links to relevant ABC News articles. The author’s points are easy to read because he uses a combination of short paragraphs and subheadings to break up the text.

The article isn’t very short, so the author has placed a two-minute video at the top of the article as an intended summary of the article’s content. Auto-play is disabled and the video size isn’t too large, so the reader isn’t entirely discouraged from reading the main content in the article.

The article also links to another feature piece entitled “House of Cards”, where the reader can access an article that is more interactive. However, to open that article, the reader must click a link that is presented as a graphic that combines text, image, and a search box, all of which is organised by two horizontal ruling lines. This is confusing because the user can’t immediately identify if the graphic is a link, picture, or interactive component of the article.

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