Improvement Suggestions of Online News Delivery

assignment 1

Yuqing Zheng

Mar 15, 2019

The title of this story is Joss Stone performs in North Korea on a world tour from BBC news.

The links:

  • This link does not open a new web page. This will make the reader no longer want to go back to the original article.

  • Another link is the home page of Joss Stone’s Instagram. The homepage has more detailed content about her global concert. This will make the reader more interested in her Instagram than in this report.

  • Missing a link to the introduction of this singer. If there is a link about the singer’s information, it will make the article more complete.
  • There are several links about “report” in the text, it will redirect the page to where log in. This will make the readers feel a little annoyed.

The content:

  • If the author can introduce concerts in Syria and other places, the article will be more attractive.
  • If there are some photos of the concert instead of screenshot Joss’s Instagram,  the article may be more complete.
  • The article segmentation is not very obvious. There are no specific titles or keywords, which makes the article logic a bit messy.
  • This story cannot be commented on. This topic is easier to trigger the discussion of the reader.


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1 Comment

  1. Good suggestions about linking to Joss Stone’s homepage and biographical details Yuqing, and about the potential of concert photos and subheadings. The ‘report’ links that you point to are part of the embedded social media, and are designed to help users report inappropriate content. You can’t remove them from the embedded posts.
    On comments, the only discussion this would likely generate is hostile remarks about her choice to visit North Korea – that’s probably why comments aren’t open.

    You needed to look at your post in preview before you finish writing it. You have added unnecessary byline and timestamp. These details are already posted automatically by the template at the head of your story underneath the title. To improve your online delivery for Assignment 1, you need to give your feature image a title, a caption with copyright details and alt text label. You also need to ensure keyword tags are used for external Google discovery – so are relevant to the story, not the same as the category tag. Assignment 1 is not the phrase people would use to discover content about this topic. Look at the tags on the BBC story, for example.

    For this next assignment post don’t forget to:
    – Embed all links and don’t spell out the URLs.
    – Keep link phrases to 2-3 keywords
    – Use your precede (subheading field below post) to promote your post, rather than saying what is already in the category tag.
    Be careful to check your spelling, grammar and punctuation before you upload your next assignment. Also please upload an image of yourself to the blog profile to elicit trust from your readers.

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