Blog post for improving The guardian news ‘global climate strike’.

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The Guardian’s news about ‘Youth strike’ have several parts need to be improved.

    Key problems:

  • Multimedia & News length
  • Hypertext
  • Key points & Bulleted list
  • Interactive Method

Firstly,it do not  take use of enough multimedia forms and amounts with only 2 images and 1 short videos in a 1000 words’ long news story, which may make readers feel boring  and tired while reading. To improve it, the website reporter should shorten the news story to make it easier to read online, and also include more media sources like audio, interview video of not only strike, but also relative workers and organisations.


Hypertext in news screenshot
                                                                                  Hypertext in news



Secondly,  hypertext link in seventh paragraph is too long, and some special phrases like strike notification law, Scottish Green Party should have links to relevant pages for readers getting further background of the story.


Text should be added link
Text should be added link
Text should added link
Text should added link


Thirdly, it will be better if the news have key points list and bulleted points of students’ appeal  to government in terms of this climate strike.

Finally, the news lack interactive method of audiences, commentary area should be set up and there should have professional editors to response users’s opinion and suggestions, therefore be helpful of building a stable users’ community.


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  1. Well observed Bao. This is actually a news feature though, backgrounding people on the upcoming rallies. That’s why it is so long. I agree that the video needs to be placed more prominently at the head of the story, but otherwise think the level of multimediality is more than enough for a news story (remember it’s expensive to produce infographics and video compared to text and photos). I agree that the link you mention is too long, and the Scottish Greens could do with a link. Where would you use bullet points? Finally why would you open comments on this story – what is it that people would be talking about?

    On your web-writing: In future, please embed any links instead of spelling out the URL, and make the links open in new tabs. You needed to set a feature image for the story with a caption, copyright details and alt text. Please don’t ever post your SID online, as this is private information and can be used to access your student details. Finally use your precede (subheading field below post) to promote your post

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