Improvement suggestion about news “Administrators appointed to wave power firm Carnegie”

I analysed a story about the wave power firm Carnegie published by The Australian. Comparing with the same news story published by ABC, it needs to be improved regard to headline, image and…

Lack of keywords in headline

The headline Administrators appointed to wave power firm Carnegie is not attractive enough. Audiences cannot know where the event occurred or realize what does the administrator’s replacement mean.

Lack of lead

ABC gives a clear and summative lead to audiences which could help them to get the most important point in this news story.

Lack of images

There is only one image of a Carnegie wave unit posted at the beginning of the news. More images, such as graphs and figures, could be used to give viewers a more intuitive feeling about the company’s profit and loss situation.

Lack of links

There is only one link, which is link to another news post, in this article. The link of the statement to the ASX mentioned in the story could be added to provide more information.

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  1. Interesting observations Chelly, especially about the need for an ASX link. What headline would you have preferred for SEO purposes? Which images and graphs would have assisted the story (give examples) and why?

    Your web-writing needs a lot of attention. You need to set a feature image and give it a caption, copyright details and alt text. You also needed a category tag for internal blog discovery and keyword tags for external search discovery. Don’t forget to:
    – Keep link phrases to 2-3 words
    – Make links open in new tabs
    – Use your precede (subheading field below post) to promote your post.
    Finally please upload an image of yourself to your blog bio to elicit trust from your readers.

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