Online journalism comment for the “students climate rally news”

The author did well in using quotes to strengthen facts. She used many photographs to make the news vivid and she also attached clear captions to the images. However, there are still something can be improved.

Firstly, I don’t think the author uses links in a right place. She links the word “was expected to be one of the largest of the nationwide climate rallies today” to her another news story which can’t provide readers any fresh information.

In addition, “was expected to be one of the largest of the nationwide”, “climate rallies” and “today” link to a same story which will confuse the readers. Instead, I think the author should give the word ‘’ the Adani coal mine in Queensland’’ a link to explain why students appealed to close this coal mine.

Secondly, the comment function is not user-friendly enough. Readers can share the story and their opinions by clicking the top share button. But they have to login into their social media account first. Also, readers can’t see other’s comments which weakens the interactivity between users.

Finally, the topics or tags are not optimal for search engine because they are so broad which haven’t indicated the keywords in news title, like “students”, “climate change” or “rally”.

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  1. Interesting observations about this ABC news story Abner. You’re right about the repeated linking of one story, which is unnecessary, and I agree a related Adani mine story link would have been helpful. I also agree about the tags, which are actually the ABC news system tags, not ones that users would Google. The reporter’s link phrases are also way too long – they should be 2-3 words. I also think the unattributed pull quotes are unhelpful. You mention that the comment function isn’t user friendly. Actually there is no comment function on ABC news, and the social media sharing buttons have the same functionality as they do anywhere on the web. Log-in is essential for account security. Finally it would have been good if the story referred to the embedded tweet video from Newcastle.

    On your web writing: You needed to embed your story URL in a keyword phrase. Next time ensure that your feature image has a caption, copyright details, and alt text, that your links open in new tabs and that your keyword tags are one that would be popularly searched to find your post e.g. ‘climate change’ ‘student rally’. Comment is not a relevant keyword.

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